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Research Paper
Parfit and the problem of Impartiality in Kant’s Ethics

Alireza Aram

Volume 13, Issue 51 , October 2017, Pages 7-24


  In this study, it will be tried to describe Parfit’s interpretation of Kantian impartiality by referring to Parfit’s work as well as to criticize the mistakes of Parfit’s vision. Then, the author's solution as the alternative view in this debate will be predented. To sum up, author ...  Read More

Research Paper
Human as the infinite end: Elaborating on the theoretical and practical end in itself formula and the consequential interpretation of David Cummiskey

Ali Akbar Ahmadi Aframjani; Hamze Hojjat Hatampouri

Volume 13, Issue 51 , October 2017, Pages 25-46


  Human is an end in itself; this is Kant’s second formulation of categorical imperative, which has proved to be the most practical one for him. What is meant by "end in itself" as opposed to being "merely as a means"? How can we apply this formula in practice? What is the relationship between this ...  Read More

Research Paper
Cosmopolitan of light as the Utopia of philosophy of cosmopolitan

Seyyed Mohammadali Dibaji; mostafa abedi

Volume 13, Issue 51 , October 2017, Pages 47-62


  According to the place of light in the philosophy of illumination, this question arises that: Why Suhrawardi has used light instead of the divine being on one hand, and the longitude and latitude as homeland on the other hand?This article tries to prove the illuminate cosmopolitanism from Suhrawardi’s ...  Read More

Research Paper
The evaluation of the Wittgenstein’s way and Descartes’ one in overcoming the problem of dualism with emphesis on connection between them

Jafar Mazhabi; Mohammad Meshkat

Volume 13, Issue 51 , October 2017, Pages 63-82


  This article is an attempt to address a main question: is there any connection between Wittgenstein’s way and Descartes’ one in overcoming the problem of dualism? The discussion of the position of Wittgenstein on Descartes’ dualism here begins with the private language argument. For ...  Read More

Research Paper
A critique of natural scientific psychology from the Daseinsanalytic point of view

Khashayar Boroomand; Aliasghar Mosleh

Volume 13, Issue 51 , October 2017, Pages 83-100


  The illustration of the fundamental, pre-scientific, presuppositions of natural scientific approaches to psychology, psychiatry and the related areas of research has been one of the most significant achievements of Heidegger's collaboration with the Swiss psychiatrist, Medard Boss. The central issue ...  Read More

Research Paper
Evaluation of internal contradictions and innovations of Mulla Sadra's primary matter

Mahmoud Hedayatafza

Volume 13, Issue 51 , October 2017, Pages 101-120


  Regarding the philosophical view of Shirazi, a persistent question is whether the efforts of Shiite thinkers in the use of different schools of thought, the knowledge coherent for him to be brought or the adaptations frequent votes of inconsistent from view, the combination of ideas led Is? Of course, ...  Read More