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Research Paper
A New Argument for the Existence of Existence in Mullasadra’s Philosophy

davood hosseini

Volume 13, Issue 50 , July 2017, Pages 7-22


  In this study, my aim is twofold: first to establish a relationship between the meaning of “existent” and the existence of existence; and second to give a new argument for the existence of existence. I will argue that in the presence of reasonable assumptions which all are conceded by Mullasadra, ...  Read More

Research Paper
A critique of two predominant views on the place of the Aristotelian psychology

seyyed ahmad hosseini

Volume 13, Issue 50 , July 2017, Pages 23-40


  A problem pertaining to Aristotle’s psychology is about where its right place is. Should it be studied in the physics or in metaphysics or some part of it in physics and some other in metaphysics? There are two views concerning the place of psychology according to Aristotle’s philosophy of ...  Read More

Research Paper
The rhetorical tradition in Philosophical Hermeneutics

ahmad ali heidari

Volume 13, Issue 50 , July 2017, Pages 41-64


  Hermeneutics has a close relationship with the rhetorical tradition. From the time of Plato and the genesis of philosophical thought, emphasis was put on the distinction and independence of syllogism and rhetoric. However, thanks to Aristotle's meditations on the relation between these approaches, the ...  Read More

Research Paper
Is There Anything to Say About Mental Existence? Criticism about theory of mental existence and define a new role for it

abolfazl sabramiz; morteza haj hosseini

Volume 13, Issue 50 , July 2017, Pages 64-83


  Regarding the theory of mental existence, Muslim philosophers have presumed the issues of scientific reality and the match between objectivity and subjectivity. However, this presumption is faced with different challenges and it seems that indeed these challenges do not allow the mental existence to ...  Read More

Research Paper
John Hick and the Problem of Personal Identity Between the Earthly Person and the Resurrected Person

hedayat alavitabar; fatemeh ghassempour

Volume 13, Issue 50 , July 2017, Pages 84-99


  The problem of "personal identity" is among the problems that are applicable to the resurrection life as well as the earthly one. Because based on personal identity and its criteria it would, on the one hand, be determined whether a person who is now, for example, seventy years old is the same person ...  Read More

Research Paper
“Presupposing that truth is a female” A Comparison between Nietzsche’s Preface to the Beyond Good and Evil and Kant’s Preface to the Critique of Pure Reason

hamidreza mahboobi arani

Volume 13, Issue 50 , July 2017, Pages 100-115


  Despite many differences between Kant’s work and Nietzsche’s, there are some very interesting similarities between their prefaces to their two main books: Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil and Kant’s Critique of Pure reason.In these prefaces, they both present critiques of dogmatism ...  Read More