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Research Paper
An investigation into the Impact of Stoic Voters on the Suhrawardi School of Illumination

Saeed Anvari; hamedeh rastaei jahromi

Volume 13, Issue 52 , January 2018, Pages 7-32


  The current study attempts to evaluate the claim that Mirdamad and his disciples, such as Mulla Sadra and Mir Seid Ahmad Alavi, considered Suhrawardi a Successors of the Stoics. Since the Stoics have been quoted in a small number of publications in Islamic works, by searching in these sources, all the ...  Read More

Research Paper
Plato’s theory of language: its emergence and relations to the platonic Forms

Malihe Abouie Mehrizi

Volume 13, Issue 52 , January 2018, Pages 33-56


  The present article attempts to answer a crucial question: why does Plato attach such importance to “language”? In many dialogues, such as Theaetetus and Sophist he surveys this subject; and in Cratylus language plays a pivotal role. Moreover the article deals with the inseparable connection ...  Read More

Research Paper
A Study of Spinoza's Epistemology and its Educational Supplies with a Critical Approach Based on Islamic Teachings

Mohsen Farmahini. Farahani; Najmeh AhmadAbadi Arani; Ali Abdolayar; hamid ahmadi hedayat

Volume 13, Issue 52 , January 2018, Pages 57-76


  This paper is an attempt to study Spinoza's epistemology and its educational supplies with a critical approach based on Islamic teachings. To achieve the objectives of this research, conceptual, descriptive, analytical and critical methods have been applied. The results revealed that issue of recognition ...  Read More

Research Paper
Priority of Human Writing over Speech from Mulla Sadra viewpoint

Narges Zargar

Volume 13, Issue 52 , January 2018, Pages 77-96


  Mulla Sadra believes that there is no difference between writing and speech in their essence. By separation of God speech from human speech, we come to this conclusion that based on Mulla Sadra’s philosophy of language and his explanation of language process; human writing is prior over his speech. ...  Read More

Research Paper
Ibn Sina, an experienced or rational philosopher?

mostafa momeni; Jahangir Masoudi

Volume 13, Issue 52 , January 2018, Pages 97-114


  Despite this fact that epistemology has not been regarded as a science and branch in Islamic philosophy, Islamic philosophers spoke about the ontological debates on the topic of so-called modern-epistemology. Although the approach of rationalism and experientialism has several criteria, it is undeniable ...  Read More

Research Paper
Pathos's Explanation for Recognition of Poetic's Intentionality

Mostafa Younesi; Ali Khalandi shilanabad

Volume 13, Issue 52 , January 2018, Pages 115-132


  Pathos is one of those concepts that mostly underestimated its importance versus other Aristotelian concepts. It can be observed that pathos frequently explained in twofold relations and in that sense pathos's importance neglected vis-a-vis other twofold concept. One of the most important of those twofold ...  Read More