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Research Paper
Erotic Reason and the Individual Unconscious: a Way Out of the Stupor of One-dimensional Reason

Ali Akbar Ahmadi Aframjani; Soheila Mansourian

Volume 16, Issue 64 , January 2021, Pages 7-28


  Herbert Marcuse, a Frankfurt philosopher, has tried to redefine the concept of reason from Hegel's point of view. In his different view, he tries to show that the category of cognition and self-consciousness is not possible without addressing the hidden parts of the reason by adding psychoanalysis. He ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Concept of Life-world in Husserl’s Thinking

Bahman Pazouki

Volume 16, Issue 64 , January 2021, Pages 19-52


  The term life-world, which is introduced in parallel with topics such as the “natural concept of the world” and the “environment world”, is of great importance in Husserl’s later philosophy. It is a very complex and multi-meaningful concept that has led to different and ...  Read More

Research Paper
Transition to Objective Idealism and Realizing of Cognition and Knowledge in the Context of Hegel's Phenomenology

kaveh khoorabeh; Ahmad Ali Heydari

Volume 16, Issue 64 , January 2021, Pages 53-68


  The issue of cognition is one of the important issues that philosophers attempted to find out its process of identifying and interacting with the mind or subject of thought by facing the outside world. In this process, what precede cognition are the ontological problem of the existing reality and the ...  Read More

Research Paper
Heidegger and Diminishing of Art Dignity in Our Age

Marjaneh Souzankar; Mohammadreza Rikhtegaran; Shamsolmolouk Mostafavi

Volume 16, Issue 64 , January 2021, Pages 69-91


  Heidegger believed that the essence of Art is the manifestation of unconcealment and he believed that what makes possible Art as Genuine Art is the essence of Art. He believed that Art in ancient Greece was linked to the realization of unconcealment and possessed by the possibility of existence, but ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Genesis of Dasein from Facticity at the Beginning of Heidegger’s Way of Thinking

Seyed Masoud Zamani

Volume 16, Issue 64 , January 2021, Pages 93-117


  The present paper aims to show that Heidegger’s concept of “facticity” is the primary form of his Dasein concept. Firstly, it explicates the three components of facticity meaning: 1. the concretion and reality; 2. the human individual characteristics; 3. the historicality which is based ...  Read More

Research Paper
Investigating Pleasure Quiddity through Components and the Position of its Design in the Avicenna Philosophy

Hourieh Shojaei Baghini; Einollah khademi

Volume 16, Issue 64 , January 2021, Pages 119-142


  In various works of Ibn Sina, there are a number of scattered topics about the subject of pleasure. One of those topics is the definition of pleasure that needs to be thoroughly reviewed in order to achieve a coherent vision. In this paper, we will explore two ways to investigate pleasure quiddity. One ...  Read More

Research Paper
Inevitability of Translation and Indeterminacy at Home

Hossein Shaqaqi

Volume 16, Issue 64 , January 2021, Pages 143-164


  "Indeterminacy begins at home" is the most important result of Quine's arguments in defense of "translation indeterminacy". This conclusion, which is also supported by Davidson, and hence we will call it the Quinnie-Davidson thesis, indicates a lack of definition of meaning in the mother tongue. Hans ...  Read More

Research Paper
Le Corbusier, play, Bataille Interpreting Ronchamp chapel according to the concept of formless in Bataille philosophy

Negar Saboori; Amir Nasri

Volume 16, Issue 64 , January 2021, Pages 165-188


  Le Corbusier and Bataille -who was against architecture- seem to be two opposing figures. But there is a relation between the two. Building Ronchamp, le Corbusier was reading The Accursed Share of Bataille. ‘Le jeu or play’ is one of the common concepts in the theoretical framework of these ...  Read More