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Research Paper
The Analysis of Kripke’s Unrealistic Interpretation of Meaning through Grammar Interpretation of the Word “Skepticism” In Later Wittgenstein

Mozhgan Khalili; Ali Akbar Ahmadi Aframjani

Volume 16, Issue 61 , April 2020, Pages 7-39


  Kripke’s interpretation of Wittgenstein’s investigations separates into two parts: “Skeptical paradox” and “Private language argument”. The investigations focus on a Semantic Skepticism Paradox tied with Rule-following, and its other important problems should be interpreted ...  Read More

Research Paper
A Critique of the Relationship between Art and Truth in Hegel's Philosophy

nooshafarin shahsavan; mohammad javad safian; gholamali hatam

Volume 16, Issue 61 , April 2020, Pages 41-61


  The relation between Art and Truth in the history of western thought has been proposed since the advent of art theory in the Plato and Aristotle era. In the modern era, philosophers have also considered this relation. We know that there was a great deal of separation by Baumgarten, between Truth and ...  Read More

Research Paper
Discover the Theme of Consciousness; Descartes' Horizon from Freedom to Autonomy

mostafa Abedi jighe; Mohsen Bagherzadeh meskibaf; mohammad Asghari

Volume 16, Issue 61 , April 2020, Pages 64-88


  To realize human autonomy, Descartes establishes the dialectical relation between consciousness and freedom through the three essential elements of understanding, will, and divine power. Through the free will of negative, as methodic doubt and the destruction of all presuppositions, the basis of consciousness ...  Read More

Research Paper
Considering the Explanatory Role of the Truth Norm in the Normativity of Belief Thesis on the Basis of Deontc-Logic: An Evidence Pro Wide Norms

Seyed Ali Kalantari; Meghdad Ghari

Volume 16, Issue 61 , April 2020, Pages 89-121


  On the basis of the normativity of belief thesis in Epistemology, there is a normative relation between a belief and its content. On the basis of a well-known formulation of the Relation, which we call the narrow-scope norm of Truth, “one ought to (believe that p) iff p is true”. Our focus, ...  Read More

Research Paper
Comparison of “Wisdom” in the Book of Wisdom with “De” in Dao De Jing

Hamed Nazarpour

Volume 16, Issue 61 , April 2020, Pages 123-147


  One of the central issues in Scriptures is Wisdom. One of the deuterocanonical books in the Bible is the Book of Wisdom (or Wisdom of Solomon). The description of wisdom in this book is very similar to the description of “De” in the book of Dao De Jing. The purpose of this paper is to investigate ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Study of Creativity as an Understanding from the Perspective of Gadamer's Philosophical Hermeneutics and its Implications for Education

Mohammad Jaberynasr; parvaneh Valavi; Masoud Safaei Moghadam; Alireza Haji Yakhchali

Volume 16, Issue 61 , April 2020, Pages 150-179


  The purpose of this research was to study creativity as an original understanding based on Gadamer's philosophical hermeneutics, and its implications for education. The research method was analytical-deductive. Creativity is one of the highest goals of all educational systems. Different approaches to ...  Read More