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Research Paper
Kant's Influence on Brouwer

mohammad ardeshir

Volume 1, Issue 1 , April 2005, Pages 6-15


  There are at least three elemental parts in Brouuer's philosophy ef mathematics that mqy have their origin in Kant. These three parts are (1) the intuition ef time, (2) the synthetic a priority of mathematical kn01vledge, and (3) the inter-suf?jectiviry ef mathematical constructions. Brouwer borrowed ...  Read More

Research Paper
Kant's Perpetual Peace and World Government

louis pajman

Volume 1, Issue 1 , April 2005, Pages 15-28


  I can predict from the aspects and signs of our times that the human race 1vill... progressivefy improve without af!)l more total reversals.... The profit which will accrue to the human race as it works its wqy fonvard will not be an ever increasing quantity ofmorality in its attitudes. Instead the legality ...  Read More

Research Paper
(Sailing to) Byzantium: the Kantian Sublime

michel Mc gee

Volume 1, Issue 1 , April 2005, Pages 29-51


  Aestheticians and moralphilosophers alike are inclined to the view that there is no particular!J beneficial effect on moral life ofa developed aesthetic sensibility. The usual supporting witness is the pitiless Nazi SS officer with a refined tastefor Mozart and torture. But though his testimony can hard!J ...  Read More

Research Paper
Overcoming of Metaphysics: Heidegger's Interpretation of Kant's Thought and the Problem of Metaphysics

yooshitaka yamamooto

Volume 1, Issue 1 , April 2005, Pages 52-62


  Heidegger tried to interpret Kant's "Critique ofpure reason" as the foundation of metaphysics in his "Kant and the Problem of Metapf.?ysics" and to indicate 'the problem of metaphysics' as 'the problem of basic ontology'. But in the preface of the second edition of that book, he asserted, 'on the thinking ...  Read More

Research Paper
Kant on the "A priori" Toward an Interpretation

mahmoud khatami

Volume 1, Issue 1 , April 2005, Pages 63-80


  The a priori is the basic characteristic ofKant's theory of knowledge. Formaliz/ng the a priori, Kant appears to distinguish the a priorifrom the postriori and qffirms its purity. He insists that the a priori is prior to the a postriori and stqys independent!Jfrom it. The overall objectiue of this paper ...  Read More