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Research Paper
Universalizability and Practical Identity

susan babit

Volume 1, Issue 2 , July 2005, Pages 7-17


  A familiar criticism of Kant, made by Hegel and his followers, J .S. Mill and others, is that there are no maxims that are in fact contradictory, as required for morality on Kant's view. In this paper, I discuss the suggestion that our capacity for rational reflection itself implies universality, and ...  Read More

Research Paper
Kant on the Rationality of Moral Judgment

kostas kokozelis

Volume 1, Issue 2 , July 2005, Pages 18-30


  The paper deals with Kant's conception of moral judgment. I start by criticizing a dominant interpretation of Kant's practical rationality in its assertion that choosing, i.e. exercising judgment consists in adopting a maxim; and adopting a maxim is equivalent to acting on a principle, giving oneself ...  Read More

Research Paper
Kant's Four Notions of Freedom

martin Francisco Fricke

Volume 1, Issue 2 , July 2005, Pages 31-48


  Four different notions of freedom can be distinguished in Kant's philosophy: logical freedom, practical freedom, transcendental freedom and freedom of choice ("Willkiir"). The most important of these is transcendental freedom. Kant's arguments for its existence depend on the claim that, necessarily, ...  Read More

Research Paper
Kant: Friend or Foe of the Believer? Plantinga and Other American Christian Responses to Kant's Epistemology

Andrew Gustafson

Volume 1, Issue 2 , July 2005, Pages 49-65


  Plantinga, Wolterstorff and Westphal are three eminent Christian Philosophers in the United States today. This paper will examine Plantinga, Wolterstorff, and Westphal's response to Kant's anti-realist epistemology. While perhaps many Christian philosophers doing philosophy of religion in the United ...  Read More