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Research Paper
Phenomenology and Post-Modernity

Kathleen Haney

Volume 1, Issue 3 , October 2005, Pages 7-21


  The challenge to re-think Post-Modernity opens up if we see modernity in the light ef the phenomenological reduction. 5uspending belief in the central tenets of Modern Philosopf?y discloses that the so-called post• modernist pbilosopby mere!J extends the earlier projec: The failure o] calculative ...  Read More

Research Paper
Sadr-ul-Muta'allehin on Platonic Ideas

zahra Mostafavi Khomauni

Volume 1, Issue 3 , October 2005, Pages 22-48


  Sadr-ul-Muta 'allehin, a prominent figure among Islamic philosophers spent his utmost efforts to connect Islamic philosophy, !ysticism, theology and exegesis of Hojy Qur'an in some of the dijferent discussions such as the Primary and Unit» of the Truth of Being (Esalat va Vahdat-e Haqiqat-e Vojoud), ...  Read More

Research Paper
Plato and Innatism

mehdi ghavam

Volume 1, Issue 3 , October 2005, Pages 47-59


  Plato 1s doctrine of recollection is often identified witb innatism, and he is said to be an innatist. The present pape0 alongside J,vifh e:x:plaining this doctrine and other related doctrines in Plato's epistemology, argues that the doctrine of recollection is not necessarily the same as innatism. It ...  Read More

Research Paper
Mulla Sadra and God's Detailed Knowledge of Things

Ghasem - Ali Kuchanani

Volume 1, Issue 3 , October 2005, Pages 61-76


  Plato maintained that God's knoivledge of things consisted of se!f existent externalforms, i.e. Ideas. Plato's belief has been criticized lry Mui/a 5adra and others. Avicenna believes since God is the knower of His own essence which is the complete cause of things, He is the knower of things. His knowledge ...  Read More