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Research Paper
Is Ethics Based on Rationality? A Criticism of Gensler's Views on Moral Rationality

minoo hojjat

Volume 12, Issue 46 , July 2016, Pages 7-20


  On the one hand, there are a lot of ongoing disputes in the realm of ethics and, on the other hand, it is very crucial for us to reach consensus over the issue of ethics. Harry J. Gensler tries to recognize rational patterns in our ethical thinking, modeling it after formal logic, and find formal principles ...  Read More

Research Paper
Criticizing of Daniel Dennett's Argument for Compatibilism

Arash khaksari renani; Mir Saeed Mousavi Karimi

Volume 12, Issue 46 , July 2016, Pages 21-36


  The purpose of this article is to criticize Daniel Dennett's main argument which has been formulated to explain and justify the compatibility of Human's mental phenomena, particularly his free will, with causal determinism on the basis of ontological naturalism (Physicalism). The article begins with ...  Read More

Research Paper
Valayat as the interior (baţin) and the ground of velayat and imamat

reza soleiman heshmat

Volume 12, Issue 46 , July 2016, Pages 37-50


  This brief essay is aimed at making clear the necessity of considering the two meaning’s of the Arabic word» Valy« in respect to Valayat (philia) and Velayat (politeia) in correlation with together as interiority (boţun) and manifestation (zohur) of one another and thus not in separation ...  Read More

Research Paper
Socrates’ Moral Epistemology: The Connection between Theory and Practice in Plato’s Early Writings

iman shafibeik

Volume 12, Issue 46 , July 2016, Pages 51-72


  The early writings of Plato center based on a kind of knowledge which its object is moral virtues. According to the epistemology of these writings, theory is tied up with practice; since in its perspective, being aware of the moral virtue makes one moral and being ignorance of it causes immorality. Human’s ...  Read More

Research Paper
An investigation on following the norm of belief

Sayed Ali kalantari

Volume 12, Issue 46 , July 2016, Pages 73-92


  On the basis of the normativity of belief thesis, there is a normative relation between belief and its content. The normative relation is typically formulated by a norm which is called "the norm of belief" in the literature such that "one ought to believe that p if and only if p is true" (Shah 2003, ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Relationship between “End of Art” and “End of Human” Regarding Jean Baudrillard’s View

Soheila mansourian; amir nasri

Volume 12, Issue 46 , July 2016, Pages 93-104


  In Baudrillard’s view, the post-modern approach - with the dominance of codes, signs and replacing production with consumption in people’s daily life - has started a new process, which has not only resulted in the failure of contemporary man’s motto of individuality and developing opportunities ...  Read More