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Research Paper
Roman Ingarden’s Ontology of Music and Literary Work of Art

Mohammad reza Abolghassemi

Volume 12, Issue 48 , January 2017, Pages 7-22


  Roman Ingarden (1893-1970) is considered as the founder of ontology of art. Having been influenced by Husserl phenomenological doctrines, Ingarden argues that work of art and aesthetic object are ontologically two different entities. The work of art is ontically similar to other real objects while the ...  Read More

Research Paper
Studying the interactional metaphor of Max Black

Morteza Barati; Mohammad Reza salehi Mazandarani; Nasrollah Emami; Karim Lowaimi Mutlaq

Volume 12, Issue 48 , January 2017, Pages 23-44


  By generalizing and developing Richards’s view and by counting limitations of both the substitution and comparison theories, Max Black explains his interaction theory of metaphor. Words in Blacks view, interact in a metaphorical expression to produce a meaning that is the result of this interaction. ...  Read More

Research Paper
Citation Analysis of Journal of Wisdom and Philosophy in Allameh Tabataba'i University (1384-1393)

Mahdi behniafar; Amirhossein Rajab Zadeh Assarha; Zohreh. Abbasian

Volume 12, Issue 48 , January 2017, Pages 45-64


  The present study investigates the citation behavior in published articles in the Journal of Philosophy and wisdom in the period 1384 to 1393. Firstly, in this analysis, we have a statistical analysis of the reference sections or bibliography of articles, the average number of citations, types of scientific ...  Read More

Research Paper
Mohammed Abed al-Jabri, reasons of Muslims’ decline and its solution

Amir Roshan; Farzad Azarkamand

Volume 12, Issue 48 , January 2017, Pages 65-84


  After several centuries of confrontation between Islam and the West, the question "What can be done to get rid of degeneration?” is the main concern for Muslim thinkers. Every thinker, by providing specific way, have on the head the concern of the revival of Muslim traditions, and thus a variety ...  Read More

Research Paper
Visibility-Power Relations in Foucault s Tought

Samira Royan; Samad Samanian; Masoud Olia

Volume 12, Issue 48 , January 2017, Pages 85-104


  Visibility, as a key factor in Foucault’s analyses, had a major role in his thought. It is represented in three ways in his studies: as visual descriptions, as a principle in formation of knowledge, and as a technology of power. Although Foucault’s emphasis on visual descriptions made some ...  Read More

Research Paper
Analyzing of Wittgenstein Approach to Self-referential

Morteza Vaez ghassemi; Ali Akbar Ahmadi Aframjani

Volume 12, Issue 48 , January 2017, Pages 105-124


  There are at leastthree different approaches to self-referential in the tradition of analytic philosophy including Russellian approach, positivistian, approachand Wittgensteinian approach. Each of these approaches have suggested distinct solution for the self-referential problem. Among themthe Wittgensteinian ...  Read More