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Research Paper
Hegel's First Logic (Jena Logic)

mohammad mehdi ardebili; alireza azadi

Volume 12, Issue 45 , April 2016, Pages 7-24

    For understanding origin and grounds of Hegel’s Logic, in addition to Science of Logic as main source employed by interpretations, we need to analyze First Hegel’s logical Treatise in his Jena period. There is no interpretation of this treatise available in Farsi while the English ...  Read More

Research Paper
Introduction to the Ontology of Cosmic Order in Pre-modern Thinking

mojtaba etemadinia

Volume 12, Issue 45 , April 2016, Pages 25-46

  The "Great Pyramid of Being"(GPB) is the most fundamental ontological plan of traditional thought. According to this plan, being is consisted of a large chain of consecutive connection which extends from the most imperfect to the most perfect entity in a hierarchical order. Various readings of the GPB ...  Read More

Research Paper
Reconstruction of the conventionals of Allameh Tabataba’I theory based upon Umwelt theory.

hossein hoshangi; ahmad pakatchi

Volume 12, Issue 45 , April 2016, Pages 47-64

  Tabataba’I and uexkull based upon physiological and genetic realities of organisms sought to speculate about the perceptual word and human conditions. The considerable similarities and affinities between two theory pave ground for recognizing and developing some capacities in tabataba’I theory. ...  Read More

Research Paper
Made of being & it's criterion in mulla sadra's viewpoint & critique of Kant's theory

abdolali shokr; sedighe mirzaee

Volume 12, Issue 45 , April 2016, Pages 65-78

  Acceptance and affirmation of principality of existence, requires the acceptance of existence being made. Therefore, principality of existence is in cohesion with it's made; although there are some differences between the two subjects. On the basis of Transcendental Wisdom, criterion of being made is ...  Read More

Research Paper
A glance to the epistemology based on the knowledge of the God in Shikh-e- Mufid and Allameh Tabatabai's thought

morteza erfani; basireh madadi zadeh; aliakbar nasiri

Volume 12, Issue 45 , April 2016, Pages 79-92

  According to Shikh-e- Mufid, knowledge has propositional and assertoric form obtained either from sense and observation; in this case, knowledge is self-evident or it achieved from rational argument and repeated news, then, it is acquisitive knowledge or Ilm- e- Kasbi, in his view, God cannot be seen ...  Read More

Research Paper
Philosophical Considerations on Nuclear Technology

mahmoud mokhtari

Volume 12, Issue 45 , April 2016, Pages 93-110

  Nuclear technology is the most controversial product of the past century and can be investigated as an important case study in the contemporary philosophy of technology. Theories of the classical philosophers of technology were generally about the nature of the modern technology as a whole and the dissimilarities ...  Read More