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Research Paper
The Categories of Philosophy of Cultur in Ibn Khaldun’s Pluralistic Approach

vahid Ahmadi; Ahmad Ali Heydari

Volume 15, Issue 60 , December 2019, Pages 7-37


  The paper is to compare between Ibn Khaldun's style of philosophizing and the modern viewpoint of Philosophy of Culture. Speculating on Asabiyyah (group feeling), civilization, and influences of climate on the human being, Ibn Khaldun sets the stage for his contribution to some of the most important ...  Read More

Research Paper
An Analysis of Sacred Soul from View Point of Mulla Sadra and Qazi Saeed Qomi

zahra Tavakoli; Majid Sadeghi hasan abadi

Volume 15, Issue 60 , December 2019, Pages 39-68


  The "Sacred Soul" is a term used by philosophers to often name a person who is severely alike. Mulla Sadra and Qazi Saeed both believe in the connection between this soul and the soul of the Prophet, which necessitates the recognition of its characteristics. In this paper, by direct reference to their ...  Read More

Research Paper
Religious Science with Metaphysical Approach: Investigating its Possibility and Significance

Seyyed Hedayat Sajadi

Volume 15, Issue 60 , December 2019, Pages 69-98


  This paper aims to examine the possibility and sensibility of Religious Science based on the metaphysical consistency of Science and Religion. The main question of this paper is whether the Religious Science is possible and sensible in principle. In order to reply to this question, I confine myself to ...  Read More

Research Paper
Ancient Semiotics and its Influence on Formation of Topic of Signification

Amin Shahverdi

Volume 15, Issue 60 , December 2019, Pages 99-123


  In this paper, the formation and development of Signification theory and its effect on Muslim thinkers are studied. In the ancient period, there were three important schools that investigated signals and issues surrounding them. First, Aristotle investigated signs at the outset of his “On Interpretation”, ...  Read More

Research Paper
Investigating the Role of "Machine" on Changing the Meaning of "Place" in Modern Utopias

Seyed Sajjad Shariati; Mohammadreza ArabBafrani

Volume 15, Issue 60 , December 2019, Pages 125-157


  The utopias play a major role in shaping the mental images of the players and building the future of mankind. thinking about a good future, indeed, has a history as old as human history. However, after Thomas More, the modern era of utopian literature began with its own characteristics. One of the most ...  Read More

Research Paper
Examining the Possibility of Refuting Philosophical Skepticism by Accepting Semantic Externalism

Hamid Alaeinejad

Volume 15, Issue 60 , December 2019, Pages 159-183


  According to semantic externalism, the meaning of some words and thus the content of some of our mental states is determined at least partly by features of the external world. For the first time, Putnam has tried to argue that accepting externalism leads to the rejection of skepticism about the external ...  Read More

Research Paper
Could one Make a Moral Judgment about the Transcendental Self? The Puzzle of Ethics in the Tractatus

Reza Mosmer

Volume 15, Issue 60 , December 2019, Pages 185-215


  In the Notebooks and final pages of the Tractatus Wittgenstein identifies “good” with “happy”, and the latter with “being in harmony with the world”. He makes a distinction between two notions of self: Empirical and Transcendental. While the former stands in causal ...  Read More

Research Paper
Inquiring and Critique of Allen Wood's Ideas on the Problem of Formalism in Kant's Ethics from Robert Pippin Point of View

Seyedeh Massoumeh Mousavi; Mohammadreza Hosseini Beheshti

Volume 15, Issue 60 , December 2019, Pages 217-243


  In this essay, we are trying to inquire and critique Allen Wood's ideas about the problem of formalism in Kantian Ethics. Wood is one of Kant's interpreters who has been dealing with the formalism problem for so many years. Once he believed that the problem is a real challenge for Kant's ethical thought ...  Read More

Research Paper
A Comparison between Tabataba'i's "Theory of Etebariat" and Rawls' Contractualism (Based on the Similarities)

Ali Akbar Abdol Abadi; Seyed Amin Mirhoseini

Volume 15, Issue 60 , December 2019, Pages 245-275


    Seyed Mohammad Hossein Tabataba'i “Theory of Etebariat” is a theory for explaining the mechanism of a set of human perceptions which have not counterparts in the external world and are the fictions of the active powers of man. Some of these perceptions consist of our perceptions of ...  Read More