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Research Paper
An Approach to the Religious and Ethical Basics about the Concept of "The Right" in the View of Kant and Allame Ja'fari

Mohammad Reayate Jahromi

Volume 14, Issue 55 , October 2018, Pages 7-28


  Referring to the fundamental and universal principles of human rights, Allameh Jafari believed that the divine religions, and at the top of them, Islam, are the culmination or peak of human rights. The comprehensiveness of Islam is evident and obvious in explaining rights and duties from its attitude ...  Read More

Research Paper
Comparison of Troeltsch and Hick on the Issue of Religions Ranking

Mohammad Mahdi Fallah; mahdi akhavan

Volume 14, Issue 55 , October 2018, Pages 29-52


  One of the main issues in explaining the phenomenon of diversity of religions in the world is the issue of religions ranking; i.e. the question of whether religions are essentially comparable or not! And if it is comparable, what is the criterion and criterion of this comparison? It seems that the border ...  Read More

Research Paper
Investigating the Roots of Dionysian and Apollonian of Nietzsche's Philosophy of Art in Schopenhauer's Philosophy

Ahmad Ali Heydari; Ali Azizian

Volume 14, Issue 55 , October 2018, Pages 53-76


  The purpose of this paper is to examine the relation between Dionysian and Apollonian in Nietzsche's philosophy of art with Schopenhauer's philosophy. In this context, while expressing the history of the existing interpretations of the relation of the Dionysius and the Apollonian with the will and representation ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Relationship of the Logical Structure of Language and the Value and Meaning of Life in Wittgenstein's Thought

alireza faraji

Volume 14, Issue 55 , October 2018, Pages 77-97


  The question about life and living has a history as long as human history and it is a matter that has taken various faces in the evolution of thought history. Today, this question is being pursued more seriously, to the extent that it even became a branch of philosophy of religion in universities. Also, ...  Read More

Research Paper
Metaphysical Identification of Heidegger's Dasein

Seyed Masoud Zamani

Volume 14, Issue 55 , October 2018, Pages 99-124


  According to the common sense, Dazein is the Heidegger's philosophical title on the general concept of man; i.e. man in the true sense. But a closer examination of Heidegger's works in the near future of existence and time shows that he in fact considers a particular type of human being. Thus, Heidegger ...  Read More

Research Paper
John Stuart Mill; Act or Rule Utilitarianism

hamze hatampouri

Volume 14, Issue 55 , October 2018, Pages 125-153


  In this paper, we defend the rule-based interpretation of John Stewart Mill's utilitarianism. First, we will explain briefly this recent and new dualism in the philosophy of utilitarian ethics. In general, Utilitarianists are divided into two categories: Rule-based and action-oriented. This is a recent ...  Read More

Research Paper
Merleau-ponty’s Critical Approach to Husserl’s Intentionality

SOMAYEH rafigi; Muhammad Asghari; Mahmoud Sufiani

Volume 14, Issue 55 , October 2018, Pages 155-176


  In the phenomenology of perception, Merleau-Ponty tries to transcend the traditional explanation of intentionality and therefore he describes the phenomenology of the body. According to Merleau-ponty, there is no separation between the world and consciousness and these two are completely tied together. ...  Read More

Research Paper
Aristotle and the Subject of Metaphysics

Yassaman Hoshyar

Volume 14, Issue 55 , October 2018, Pages 177-203


  According to some interpretations, Aristotle's metaphysics is not a coherent and unified work and does not follow a single issue; in other words, in each two or three books a subject is introduced as a subject of metaphysics. ; For example, in the fourth book, Aristotle refers to a new phrase “being ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Problem of “Other Minds” in Heidegger's Thought

mehdi zakeri; Ilham Abbasi

Volume 14, Issue 55 , October 2018, Pages 205-224


  The problem of "other minds" as one of the most serious epistemological problems in philosophy derives from Descartes' dualism. Since then, several solutions have been proposed for this issue. But each of these solutions faced with some problems. In contrast to the classical philosophy and the tradition ...  Read More

Research Paper
Plato and the Mystery of False Belief in Theaetetus

Ahmad Asgari; maedeh eslamloo

Volume 14, Issue 55 , October 2018, Pages 225-253


  The issue of "error", along with the subject of knowledge, is very important for Plato and in the context of defining knowledge as the right belief in Theaetetus, it seeks to explain the possibility of mistaken belief. He offers suggestions to explain the issue of error beliefs. He offers two proposals, ...  Read More