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Research Paper
Schopenhauer and Passing Through Kant's Transcendental Method

hamid talebzadeh

Volume 10, Issue 39 , October 2014, Pages 9-26

  Abstract Kant, aware of the difficulty of the epistemological rational of religion which brings about religious experience, followed a new path in philosophy and, instead of beginning from the method of obtaining certain knowledge, started from the possibility of certain knowledge. He was deterred by ...  Read More

Research Paper
Interpreting Nietzsche’s Philosophy Based on the Theory of Game

mohamadbaqer ghomi; mohamadreza rikhtegaran

Volume 10, Issue 39 , October 2014, Pages 27-44

  Abstract When Nietzsche creates a contrast between Heraclitus’s philosophy and philosophical tradition, interprets it based on game and admires it, one must wait for this concept to perform a role in Nietzsche’s own philosophy. After this introduction, we will refer to some of Nietzsche’s ...  Read More

Research Paper
Gadamer and Hirsch’s Challenge on the Accuracy of Hermeneutics

hamideh izadinia; asghar vaezi

Volume 10, Issue 39 , October 2014, Pages 45-58

  Asghar Vaezi** Abstract Hirsch is of the belief that Gadamer’s hermeneutics theory leads to pluralism and relativism. Following romantic hermeneutic scholars, Hirsch believes the aim of reading a text to be achieving the goal of the author. Gadamer, however, believes that understanding is to ...  Read More

Research Paper
Is Wittgenestein a Believing Person? A Second Look at the Theological Epistemology Related to Him

mostafa hosseini golkar; mohamad mohamad rezaii

Volume 10, Issue 39 , October 2014, Pages 59-94

  Abstract Regarding Wittgensteinian view towards fideism, two questions have been left unanswered: Firstly, has Wittgenstein explicitly defended fideism? And secondly, can fideism be deducted from his thoughts? In the present paper, after a research into the nature of fideism, it has been shown that ...  Read More

Research Paper
Review of Ibn Arabi’s Viewpoint Regarding the Eternal Quality of Punishment Based on Qur'an and Rational Proof

mohamad hossein bayat

Volume 10, Issue 39 , October 2014, Pages 95-116

  Abstract When one hears Ibn Arabi’s name, theoretical mysticism comes to the listener’s mind, and the individual will think that the collection of his famous works revolve around explaining the Islamic mysticism, with subjects such as ecstatic punishment of the Hereafter, the caliphate, ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Role of Newton in Separating Phenomenon from Noumenon by Kant

jalal peykani

Volume 10, Issue 39 , October 2014, Pages 117-130

  Abstract Not only did Newtonian physics make a fundamental evolution in the realm of physics but the methodology utilized by Newton became the prevalent model for the researchers in the field of natural sciences. The pivotal point in Newtonian methodology is an emphasis on experiment and induction and ...  Read More

Research Paper
John Martin Fisher’s Viewpoint Regarding the Necessary Free Will in Moral Responsibility

zahra khazaei; fatemeh tamadon

Volume 10, Issue 39 , October 2014, Pages 131-151

  Abstract Free will, as the most pivotal human feature, on the one hand, has been considered, in the West, as the most fundamental condition of moral responsibility, and, on the other, based on the world being deterministic, has opposed determinism. A group of morality philosophers, believing in this ...  Read More