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Research Paper
The Problem of Universals in Analytic and Avicenna's Metaphysics

hashem morvarid

Volume 2, Issue 8 , January 2007, Pages 1-16


  This paper, nu1in!J aims al n1alaflg a wnpariJon behveen ana!Jtic n1etapl91irians' and A vianna'J views on miver. To this end, first! lht ,my'or vitlul arr brief!J 111n.9ed among ana!Jti, ,mtapl{ysicians. Then, .Asicmna's vitll!I about dijftrtnl typu ofl(niVtr.tals art studied: ldnds, properhu, and rrlatio,11. ...  Read More

Research Paper
Avicenna on Induction

mohammadali ejeii

Volume 2, Issue 8 , January 2007, Pages 17-23


  Thr aim of this paper is to disems Anenna's detective justifia1tion ef induction. The paper inlroducu Avicr1111a's theoy of indsaian as a postfa/Jifiraliouist theory of bis time, and tben promds to discrm to distinaion hr bas ,nude brtween indsatian and experien«. The paper thm discesses the theory ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Standard Metre: Has It Anything to Do With The Contingent A Priori

mohammad saeed mehr

Volume 2, Issue 8 , January 2007, Pages 33-47


  kripke bas proposed a number of counteretxamples to the classic thesis, which ays that the class of necmary fropositions roincidn with the cla1ss of a priori ones. These counteretxamples involve some necessary a posten'ori trutbs as well as contingent a priori ones. Om cfbis exmnplu far the loller is ...  Read More

Research Paper
Humean and an African Causal Theory: A Comparative Study

godvin azenabor

Volume 2, Issue 8 , January 2007, Pages 48-64


  The concept of causality is fundamental to our understanding of the world. the idea of causality was made popular, in Western Philosophy, by David Hume; one of the best-know British empiricists. This paper examines critically the Human idea of causality-that of a necessary/physical connection - in juxtaposition ...  Read More