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Research Paper
The Possibility of Wrong Ethical Judgment in Kant’s Ethical Theory

masoud seyf

Volume 5, Issue 20 , January 2010, Pages 7-15


  The main question of this article is whether it is possible in Kant's ethical theory that an ethical agent commits mistake in recognizing a right ethical judgment or not. In order to reply to this question, first the place of wrong ethical judgment in Kant's ethical theory is considered. Then, by referring ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Relationship between the Soul and the Incorporeal and Corporeal Things in Plotinus and Mulla-sadra's Philosophy

reaz akbarian; tayebeh karami

Volume 5, Issue 20 , January 2010, Pages 17-22


  The relationship between incorporeal and material things is one of the most important issues in philosophy. Two-fold nature of Soul let it to be mediation between the intellect and the matter. This role of the soul is explained differently in the Plotinus and Mulla-sadra's philosophy. In Plotinus’ ...  Read More

Research Paper
Common Sense and its Perceptual Functions According to Aristotle and Ibn Sina

fatemeh sadegh zadeh ghamsari

Volume 5, Issue 20 , January 2010, Pages 33-51


  Among the perceptual faculties of soul, common sense has a special place. Without giving a clear picture of it, Aristotle attributes functions such as perception of common sense impressions and sense impressions by accident and recognition of aspects of distinction between objects and comprehension of ...  Read More

Research Paper
Considering and Criticizing of Methodology in Descartes’ Philosophy and Popper’s Thoughts

mahin arab

Volume 5, Issue 20 , January 2010, Pages 53-74


  In modernity era, philosophical thoughts certainly have crucial influences on the growth and development of culture and civilization of western world. Among those philosophers who have theoretical viewpoints and opinions, and furthermore have introduced efficient methods in studying natural and human ...  Read More

Research Paper
Philosophy of Science and Political Philosophy, the Methodological Effect of Modern Science on the Political Law

morteza mahdiha

Volume 5, Issue 20 , January 2010, Pages 75-90


  In the middle of sixteenth century, publishing of Copernicus' On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres led to the Copernican scientific revolution. This movement continued by publishing of Kepler's and Galileo's works in the early of seventeenth century. According to the common construal, in this ...  Read More

Research Paper
Discussing and Criticizing Leibniz Theology

saleh hasan zadeh

Volume 5, Issue 20 , January 2010, Pages 91-119


  Leibniz’s philosophy and his concept of God are influenced by the Christian philosophy and theology, and the Spinozism and Cartesian philosophies. Leibniz was also influenced by some Platonic dialogues. But Leibniz theological status is more voluble than Descartes and Spinoza, and his philosophy ...  Read More

Research Paper
Perceptual Behavior, the Joint of Mind and Body in Bergson's Philosophy

mehdi soltani gazar

Volume 5, Issue 20 , January 2010, Pages 121-127


  Henry Bergson, the French philosopher, is one of pioneers of though stream which in the course of modern positivist views, renewed the role and authenticity of metaphysical, ethical and religious ideas. By adopting the intuitive epistemic method instead of experimental and positivistic method of modern ...  Read More