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Research Paper
Thomas Aquinas and Philosophy

mohammad ilkhani

Volume 5, Issue 19 , October 2009, Pages 7-26


  In describing Aquinas’s thought, some Thomists call it the prime example of Christian and eternal philosophy. For some others, he is a perfect theologian and they insist on the perfect harmony of reason and faith in his works. This article shows that it is not possible to call Aquinas’s thought ...  Read More

Research Paper
New Actualism; Is the New Actualism a Kind of the Proxy Actualism?

lotfollah nabavi; mojtaba amir khanluo

Volume 5, Issue 19 , October 2009, Pages 27-48


  Actualism is an ontological thesis according to which the domain of existent objects and the domain of actual ones are the same. According to this thesis, we do not need to commit to any non-actual objects for solving any philosophical problems. The approach of Bernard Linsky, Edward N. Zalta and Michael ...  Read More

Research Paper
Plato in Suhrawardi's Thought

hasan seyed arab

Volume 5, Issue 19 , October 2009, Pages 49-58


  In Islamic philosophy Suhrawardi (587-549 BC) is a representative figure of Platonic tradition and thought. The position or level that he holds in Illuminationist philosophy is the same as Plato's (427-347 BC) position in peripatetic philosophy. He called Plato in his writings "theosophist Plato" (Aflatun-al-elahi) ...  Read More

Research Paper
Criticism and Analysis of Imam Khomeini's View about Making of Things

sadrodin taheri; mohammad hadi tavakoli

Volume 5, Issue 19 , October 2009, Pages 59-73


  There are different viewpoints about the question that “what is the creation and making of things?” Among various theories about this question, decedent Imam Khomeini (peace be upon him) has special viewpoint. Imam believes to the mystic’s monotheism, (i.e. oneness of being) and according ...  Read More

Research Paper
Noumenal Space and Noumenal Things

musa dibaj

Volume 5, Issue 19 , October 2009, Pages 75-84


  In his philosophical theory of space (and time), Immanuel Kant distinguishes between the relation that exists between things to each other in space (Verhaltnis) and the one that exists between space (and time) to us (Beziehung). He holds that space cannot be manifested by the mere experience of relations ...  Read More

Research Paper
A critical view on the logic of definitions

mousa lalayeri

Volume 5, Issue 19 , October 2009, Pages 85-102


  This article considers the topic of definition in the traditional logic and tries to through some criticisms to this system and classifying and analyzing of these criticisms, show the deficiency and inefficiency of the topic of definition. The result of this analysis is that the topic of definition is ...  Read More

Research Paper
Irreconcilable relation of "Reason" and "Faith" in Kierkegaard's Thought

mohammad asghari

Volume 5, Issue 19 , October 2009, Pages 103-116


  This article considers the relation of reason and faith in Kierkegaard's existentialist Thought. Kierkegaard describes the faith as a kind of "passion", "leap" or "relation to God" and believes that it is over reason and sometimes has position that is completely against reason. According to Kierkegaard, ...  Read More