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Research Paper
Kierkegaard's Existential Views on Harold Pinter's Dramaturgy

ali nazari

Volume 5, Issue 18 , July 2009, Pages 151-136


  Soren Kierkegaard (1813-55) focused his attention on the existential elements of our existence; Among these elements the concepts of anxiety, dread, guilt and alienation are of primary importance. Existentialism has tried to discover the mysteries of man’s existence, and helped him to find a way ...  Read More

Research Paper
Pacifism and Its Prospects for Social Peace

adebola babatonde ekamola

Volume 5, Issue 18 , July 2009, Pages 133-150


  The paper critically examines the pacifist doctrine, which maintains that the practice of non-violence provides a guarantee for social peace. It scrutinises the underlying assumptions of the theory, its essential characteristics as well as the extent to which it can actually promote social peace. The ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Necessity of Interaction between Metaphysics and Sciences: An Analysis

ali morad khani

Volume 5, Issue 18 , July 2009, Pages 121-132


  This paper is a reflection on the interaction between metaphysics and science that has been existed since the pre-modern epoch, an example of which was actualized in Aristotle's system of metaphysics and science. Yet, this interaction was gradually undermined by the advent of scientific revolution especially ...  Read More

Research Paper
We are All Postmodernists Now! African Philosophy and the Postmodern Agenda

Adeshina afolayan

Volume 5, Issue 18 , July 2009, Pages 95-120


  This essay is an attempt to critically understand the utility of the concept of postmodernism in African philosophy, and by extension the analysis of the postcolonial African predicament. Its urgency derives from the growing literature on the interpretation of the postmodern in African studies. For those ...  Read More

Research Paper
Mir Findiriski, a Peripatetic or Illuminationist Philosopher?

hoseyn kalbasi ashtari

Volume 5, Issue 18 , July 2009, Pages 77-94


  All historians and researchers of Islamic Philosophy think of 11th/17th Century (in Safavid Era) as a period of blossoming of Iranian-Shi'i philosophy and the emergence of figures such as Mir Damad, Shaykh Bahai, Mulla Sadra, and Mir Findiriski. Among them, Abul-Qasim Mir Findiriski has been less than ...  Read More

Research Paper
Trans-Substantial Motion and Man’s Evolution in Mulla Sadra’s Philosophy

ghodratollah ghorbani

Volume 5, Issue 18 , July 2009, Pages 55-76


  We can find theories on transcendent wisdom of Islam by Mulla Sadra Shirazi. By his theory, called "trans-substantial motion", we try to prove man’s soul creation and evolution. Fulfilling this theory, Mulla Sadra considers some more prominent principles that are characterized by: the principality ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Role of Freedom in Relation to the Causes of Crises

Jolley Oladotun Ogunkoya

Volume 5, Issue 18 , July 2009, Pages 16-54


  This work examines the nature and causes of crises that are bedeviling human society, and argues the thesis that freedom has a pivotal role to play in the emergence of crises in society. The work takes it for granted that there are different forms of crisis and that the highest form of crisis in the ...  Read More