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Research Paper
Mental Obsession: Unrealistic or Unpragmatic; A Philosophical Analysis of Obsessive Thinking

Kayvan Ansari; malek Hosseini; Shahla Eslami

Volume 18, Issue 70 , June 2022, Pages 1-26


  Mental obsession‒mostly considered as an illness or as a neurosis‒ consists of repeated, compulsive, unstoppable thoughts causing severe anxiety, and often leads to obsessive actions like washing hands or body, checking, counting, doing some ritual, and so on. In psychology, these thoughts are supposed ...  Read More

Research Paper
Comparative-Critical Review of the Views of Ibn Sina, Fakhr Razi, and Mulla Sadra about the Occurrence and Step of Nature

maryam khoshnevisan; Seyed Sadruddin Taheri; Babak Abbasi

Volume 18, Issue 70 , June 2022, Pages 27-53


  In this article, after the precise statement of the topic and purpose of occurrence and progress, Ibn Sina's, Fakhr Razi's, and Sadr al-Mutalahin Shirazi's views on the occurrence or time step of the natural world have been presented and critically analyzed. According to the historical order, Ibn Sina's ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Status of Reason in the Scientific Methodology of Galen

Roohollah Fadaei; Mohammad Saeedimehr

Volume 18, Issue 70 , June 2022, Pages 55-83


  Galen is one of the most prominent thinkers and scientists in antiquity, who paid special attention to the methodology of natural sciences. On the other hand, the transition of Galenic tradition to the Islamic world had a wide impact on different areas of thought, one of which was methodology. Accordingly, ...  Read More

Research Paper
Division of Philosophical Rationalities based on the Way of Formation and Realism from Allameh Tabatabai’s Viewpoint

Farang Qobadi; Hossein Houshangi

Volume 18, Issue 70 , June 2022, Pages 85-108


  The main concern in the discussion of philosophical rationalities is epistemology. Secondary rationalities have an origin in the mind, the question of whether or not these concepts apply outside the mind is important. By what mechanism or process does the mind achieve them? How and in what form is the ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Basics of Ethnology based on the Ratio of Opinion and Practice in the Two Schools of Mashsha and Sankehiyeh

Mohammad Karimi; Jabbar Amini; Jamshid Jalali Sheyjani

Volume 18, Issue 70 , June 2022, Pages 109-138


  Among the schools of ancient Greece, Aristotelian thought is the most systematic philosophical school and one of its important features is the special attention to the field of practice. But at the same time, in the Orient, some Indian schools were active with the benefit of various epistemological sources, ...  Read More

Research Paper
Analysis of Fakhroddini Razi's Theological Method and the Effect of Philosophical Teachings on his Thought and Logic of Understanding the Instructions of Religion

Mahdi Ganjvar

Volume 18, Issue 70 , June 2022, Pages 139-168


  The purpose of this article is to analyze Fakhr-al-din Razi's theological method and the effect of theological teachings on his thought and logic of understanding religion; because among the Ash'arite theologians, the role of Imam Fakhr Razi in terms of methodology in the process of philosophizing theology ...  Read More

Research Paper
Troubles with Establishing a Criterion of Truth in Kant's Philosophy; Formation of Truth Theory in Kant's Philosophy Based on Transcendental Deduction

Pouria Golshenas; Yousef Nozohour

Volume 18, Issue 70 , June 2022, Pages 169-198


  In this paper, we attempt to answer this fundamental question that whether is any criterion of truth in Kant’s transcendental philosophy or not? Through analysis of “transcendental deduction”, and referring to Dieter Henrich's interpretation of the background of that term, and Robert ...  Read More