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Research Paper
Aesthetic Formalism, Reactions and Solutions

khosro bagheri nowparast; mohammad zahir nowparast

Volume 6, Issue 24 , January 2011, Pages 16-28


  It seems necessary to introduce the basic concepts used in this article i.e. formalism, anti-formalism and moderate formalism. Formalists believe that the aesthetic appreciation of an artwork generally involves an attentive awareness of its sensory or perceptual qualities and does not require knowledge ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Relation Between Soul And Body and its Eschatological Consequences in Jacob Boehme’s Philosophy With Regard to Mulla Sadra's Position Reza Akbarian

reza akbarian; amili noigeliz

Volume 6, Issue 24 , January 2011, Pages 29-46


  Even though Mulla Sadra and Jacob Boehme come from two different traditions and despite the absence of philosophical formation of the latter, a similar visionary experience led them to lay the basis of a conception of man which has many shared aspects. The issue of the relation between his body and soul ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Ethical Dignity of Human Soul (The Reflections of Al-Ghazali and Aquinas on the Role of Belief in Human Soul in the Solution of Ethical Issues

zohreh sadat naaji; mohsen javadi

Volume 6, Issue 24 , January 2011, Pages 47-60


  Muhammad Al-Ghazali and Thomas Aquinas have respectively played a considerable role in Islam and Christianity. Religious attitude can be seen in their works; and the body-soul distinction is thus one of the issues that suggest the two scholars’ religious attitudes. Ethical issues are among many ...  Read More

Research Paper
A Comparative Study on the Degree of Dependence of Clarke’s and Sadra’s Arguments for the Existence of God on the Principle of Sufficient Reason

hasan hoseyni

Volume 6, Issue 24 , January 2011, Pages 61-76


  After briefly discussing the various versions of the Principle of Sufficient Reason (hereafter PSR), I argue that Clarke’s classic version of the Cosmological Arguments for the existence of God is rooted in the PSR, while Sadra’s so-called Siddigin argument is not based on any weak or strong ...  Read More

Research Paper
Dialectic of Umran in Ibn Khaldun and Social Change

abbas mnouchehri

Volume 6, Issue 24 , January 2011, Pages 77-90


  In the last three decades, Historical Sociology has appeared as a disciplne concentrating on "social change" as its subject matter. The notion of "social change" has, however, been in the center of Ibn Khaldun's “new science”. The purpose of this paper is to elaborate on Ibn Khaldun's theory ...  Read More

Research Paper
Mulla Sadra and the Primacy of Existence

ghasem pour hasan

Volume 6, Issue 24 , January 2011, Pages 91-100


  Mulla Sadra is considered unanimously as the most influential philosopher in the Islamic Philosophy tradition in the last four hundred years. Mulla Sadra’s philosophy is founded on existence as the unique constituent of reality and its primacy, the intensity of existence, and finally transubstantiality ...  Read More

Research Paper
From Existential Spatiality to the Metric Science of Space (An Attempt at Reconstructing an Aspect of Existential Analytic)

dimiteri ginev

Volume 6, Issue 24 , January 2011, Pages 101-124


  This paper is intended to be an account of existential spatiality based on an analogy with Heidegger’s way of treating the issues of ecstatic temporality. The paper first situates the nexus of “existential spatiality and formal space”. It then proceeds to the role of the various types ...  Read More