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Research Paper
Pascal’s Wager, Is the theory of Rationality a proof?

mohammad mohammad rezai; mostafa hoseyni golkar

Volume 6, Issue 22 , July 2010, Pages 7-32


  There is no agreement about Pascal’s purpose of suggesting his “Wager.” Is Pascal after presenting a logical reason or merely invites others to his spiritual intimacy? Is his addressee Atheist or his purpse is strengthening Christian faith? What are the origins of “Pascal’s ...  Read More

Research Paper
Sadrsya and Mimesis A Comparative Study of Indian Theosophy and Greek Philosophy of Art with Emphasis on Plotinus’ Views

hasan bolkhari

Volume 6, Issue 22 , July 2010, Pages 35-54


  East theosophy and west philosophy have some foundatumental topics in common. One of these topics is the unity of existence which is one of the main subjects in Upanishads and appears frequently in Greek philosophy, especially the views of thinkers like Anaxagoras, Plato and Plotinus. Hindu thinkers ...  Read More

Research Paper
Investigating the relationship between Dwelling and Calling in Heidegger`s Views.

mohammad javad safian; naser mo'meni

Volume 6, Issue 22 , July 2010, Pages 55-68


  According to the modern thought, the essence of human is his subjectivity and the world is mere extension and object of study. The result of this manner of thinking is the separation of the world and human being and alienation of human being from the world. Heidegger tries to revive the nearness of human ...  Read More

Research Paper
Aristotle and Avicenna on the Finity and Infinity of Space and Time: A Comparative Study

hoseyn kalbasi ashtari; hasan ahmadi zadeh

Volume 6, Issue 22 , July 2010, Pages 69-89


  The issue of “Finity or Infinity of Space and Time” is one of the most important problems in the western and also in the Islamic philosophy. The history of the debate about this problem is interwoven with the history of differnet views of philosophers and theologians. In the western philosophy, ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Method of Rawls’ Theory of Justice: some Important Criticisms

yousef shaghol; leysam sefid khosh

Volume 6, Issue 22 , July 2010, Pages 91-103


  Rawls’ theory of justice enjoys all characteristics of a comprehensive conceptual system, and like any such a system, it embraces a special method nature of which has a definite influence on the content of the theory. The main methodological concepts of his theory consist in the ideas of the contract ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Reflection of Biblical Interpretating Schools in the Genesis of Christian Iconography

amir nasri

Volume 6, Issue 22 , July 2010, Pages 105-118


  Holy Bible is the most important source of Christian iconography and correspondingly, this kind of iconography is a visual interpretation of Bible. Hence, considering the relationship between Christian iconography and Biblical interpretation is a crucial task. In some cases, the visual representation ...  Read More

Research Paper
Allameh Tabatabaee's View on Ontology and its educational results

reza ali noruzi; mahdieh kashani

Volume 6, Issue 22 , July 2010, Pages 119-138


  This research is seeking Allameh Tabatabaee's philosophical and ontological views and its educational results. This study actually explains the basic issues related to the dimensions of the universe domains based on Allameh Tabatabaee's view and its most important elements of educational system. Research ...  Read More