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Research Paper
Plato on Perception According to Parmenides’ System

ebrahim musavi

Volume 4, Issue 16 , January 2009, Pages 9-26


  For a long time, Plato's thought has been affected by the interpretations of Aristotelianism or Neo-Platonism. However, some remarks which have been recently made regard the core of Plato's own thought in his dialogues. This becomes critical when we find something totally different from our traditional ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Enlightenment Principles in Rousseau’s Thought

ali karbasi zadeh; faatemh soleymani dehnavi

Volume 4, Issue 16 , January 2009, Pages 27-44


  There are various and sometimes contradictory ideas about Rousseau's thoughts. Some classify him in the group of enlightenment thinkers and some acknowledge him as an anti-enlightenment philosopher. There is no doubt that Rousseau's thought was affected by some elements of enlightenment, however, he ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Comparative Explanation of the Aims of Teaching Philosophy to Children in Different Countries

mohsen farmahini farahani; mohammad hasan mirza mohammadi; esmaeel kharestani

Volume 4, Issue 16 , January 2009, Pages 45-70


  Teaching philosophy to children is an important and new discipline in the contemporary world. This article along with a comparative study explains the aims of teaching philosophy to children in different countries such as USA, Argentina, England, Australia, France, and Denmark. The results of this survey ...  Read More

Research Paper
Conditional Logic and its Philosophical Bases

reza rasuli sherbayani

Volume 4, Issue 16 , January 2009, Pages 71-83


  It is one of the basic questions of the Logic that why Aristotle has not dealt with conditional logic. How has the very originator of logic not paid any attention to such an important topic? Has this carelessness been some kind of ignorance or has it been deliberated and Aristotle has had good reasons ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Law of Excluded Middle and the Negation of it in many-valued and Fuzzy Logics

morteza haj hoseyni

Volume 4, Issue 16 , January 2009, Pages 85-99


  The philosophical critiques, in twentieth century, on binary paradigm caused the negation of the law of excluded middle as the same as it caused the establishment of many-valued logics and fuzzy logic, while the laws of excluded middle, identity and contradiction are all fundamental principles of thought ...  Read More

Research Paper
Plurality of Logical Systems? Comparing the Classic and Modern Logicians’ Views

fereshteh nabati

Volume 4, Issue 16 , January 2009, Pages 101-113


  Before emerging of the modern logic, the then current logical system seemed to be without any alternative. But now classical logic encounters several systems which claim to be logical systems and rival of classical logic. Therefore a philosophical question arises: Is pluralism in logical system and/or ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Methodology of Hekmat al-Eshragh (Illuminationist Philosophy)

mohammad ali dibaji

Volume 4, Issue 16 , January 2009, Pages 115-132


  One of the issues that is considered as a fundamental component of Hekmat (or philosophy), is the understanding of metaphysics. The problem is how and by which way we can understand the metaphysics? The answer of Aristotle and peripatetic philosophers is "reason" and "discursive method". But Suhrawardi ...  Read More