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One of the issues that is considered as a fundamental component of Hekmat (or philosophy), is the understanding of metaphysics. The problem is how and by which way we can understand the metaphysics? The answer of Aristotle and peripatetic philosophers is "reason" and "discursive method". But Suhrawardi (who is considered as the founder of Illuminationist philosophy) added to it, The Mokashefah (spiritual discovery) and Taaloh (divinization), and in the same place separated his method from the early philosophers' ones. These two factors, according to Suhrawardi, are the ways for observation of incorporative world. In Suhrawardi's view metaphysics contains sensory, fantasy and rational concepts that the first is concluded from the two factors and then became discursive and used in philosophical propositions. This metaphysics requires a certain methodology that the article says about it: in the methodology of Suhrawardi, divinization and spiritual discovery are new ways to understanding metaphysics and specially the part that must to be call "meta nature". Also the methodology benefits from the symbolic and figurative language that reduplicates the capacity of philosophical meanings. On the base of that methodology, the formal language is unable to indicate the nature of things, and to understanding of metaphysics.