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Research Paper
Study of States and Characteristcis of the Soul in the Station of Imagination and its Consequences for the Transcendent Philosophy

behzad mortezai

Volume 8, Issue 29 , April 2012, Pages 9-32


  In the history of Islamic Philosophy, since Farabi's time to the present, the faculty of imagination and imaginary forms have been among so important issues that some scholars have claimed that this is one of the distinct features of the Islamic philosophy. Farabi has explained his theory of prophecy ...  Read More

Research Paper
Aristotle and One(το `εν) : Doctrine of Unity in Aristotle

elham kandari; saeed binai motlagh

Volume 8, Issue 29 , April 2012, Pages 33-46


  One of the most basic metaphysical doctrines is the "Oneness". We are, in this paper, coming to introduce this doctrine in Aristotle; and, so, at first, we mention basic differences between him and his formers, and distinguish Aristotle's "multiple" view from their "monistic" view. Then, counting the ...  Read More

Research Paper
An Assessment of the Views of Some Muslim Philosophers to Emanation or Making

monireh palangi

Volume 8, Issue 29 , April 2012, Pages 47-76


  The present article is an attempt to assess the views of those philosophers who are the exponents or founders of a particular school of thought on emanation or making. In the beginning, it seems that we can generally divide the philosophers only into two groups: one group consider causality and making ...  Read More

Research Paper
A Study of the Concept of Semiotic Chora with a Reference to Plato's Timaeus

ali fath taheri; mehrdad parsa

Volume 8, Issue 29 , April 2012, Pages 77-92


  The renowned post-modern philosopher,Julia Kristeva, tries to depict the world and flowing subject through her psychiatric and linguistic approach towards the fundamental concepts of philosophy. So, based on the concept of Chora, she tries to explain her theory. This concept was used for the first time ...  Read More

Research Paper
Modeling the soul in Molla Sadra’s view

naser mo'meni; mehdi ganjvar

Volume 8, Issue 29 , April 2012, Pages 93-116


  Although in Koran, other Divine books and a lot of Traditions, God has been negated of similar and like; but He has been described to have model and exemplar. To representing the soul to God has been more noticeable in Gnostists’ statements, and has been used by various terms. Among them, MollaSadra ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Philosophy of Technology: a survey in essentialist and instrumentalist approach to technology of media

hoseyn hushangi; mohammad reza ruhani

Volume 8, Issue 29 , April 2012, Pages 117-140


  As a result of going behind tradition and criticizing its foundations and based upon objective and subjective elements established through centuries, modern rationality has determined a special kind of life-style, an important feature of it is the technical dominance of man over the nature. Some thinkers ...  Read More

Research Paper
Modal Generalism, Modal Particularism And Explicating Epistemic And Metaphysical possibility

lotfollah nabavi; mojtaba amir khanlu; mohammad ali hojati

Volume 8, Issue 29 , April 2012, Pages 141-165


  First, we shall scrutinize Modal Generalism and Modal Particularism, two main metaphysical approaches to modality, and recount their differences. Second, we’ll explain epistemic and metaphysical possibilities and how they are explicated at generalism. There, we’ll show that metaphysical necessity, ...  Read More