Possibilities of the Philosophy of History

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Possibilities of the Philosophy of History

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  • hoeyn kalbasi ashtari
چکیده [English]

''Philosopl!J of History" is one of the Jpecijic terms of the modern age and enlightenment era which has been raised in the philosophical scientific Jpace of eighteen century. This new approach to history based on the human knowledge of things and relation between tbem, and since 1mderstcmding the external things and accidents means fry a priori mode/ of knower, so "tbe history "finds an suqjective aspea and now it would be asked how can to apply this new mean of history to another tradition or even current evolutions? A11d is it possible to definite another sort of Philosophy of history or no?

کلیدواژه‌ها [English]

  • Philosophy of history
  • Subjectivism
  • enlightenment
  • historicism
  • futurism