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Research Paper
Knowledge, Will and Power of God and Human from the Viewpoint of Philosophers and Theologians

mohammad hoseyn bayat

Volume 7, Issue 27 , October 2011, Pages 7-28


  The main aim of this paper is considering and criticizing knowledge, will and power of God and human from the viewpoint of philosophers and theologians. The paper has three sections: The first section is devoted to some preliminary definitions; in the second section, I explain and criticize views of ...  Read More

Research Paper
Jalal Al-ahmad and Westernizaton

bijhan abdolkarimi

Volume 7, Issue 27 , October 2011, Pages 29-54


  In this paper it is tried to criticize Jalal Al-ahmad's conceptions of the notions of the West and Westernizaton, his understanding of the social and historical origins of Westernization, and his understanding of the tradition and the necessity of returning to it, the issue that have had a very fundamental ...  Read More

Research Paper
Schopenhauer׳s interpretation of “The Principle of Sufficient Reason”

abdollah amini; mohammad javad safian

Volume 7, Issue 27 , October 2011, Pages 55-72


  The principle of sufficient reason is one of the most significant philosophical principles. Arthur Schopenhauer, the well-known German philosopher, has emphasized on this principle and taken it as the entrance key element to his philosophical system. He tries to characterize the limits and conditions ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Meanings of Existence in Thomas Aquinas' Thought

hasan ahmadi; mastaneh kakai

Volume 7, Issue 27 , October 2011, Pages 73-86


  The problem of God as ipsum esse is dependent to the way of understanding esse and defining acts of being and existence. Aquinas shows the importance of this problem in On Binge and Essence. Aquinas uses being (esse) in different meanings in his works. In Summa theological, he ascribes two meanings to ...  Read More

Research Paper
The Genesis of Metaphysics: A Study on Heidegger's Three Approaches to Metaphysics in the "Turn" Period.

reza dehghani; hoseyn kalbasi ashtar

Volume 7, Issue 27 , October 2011, Pages 87-102


  One of the main themes in Heidegger’s thought is the genesis of metaphysics. This matter plays a significant role in the fundamental question in the so-called Turn period. In this paper, we will concern about three approaches to the genesis of metaphysics in the mentioned period. Heidegger discusses ...  Read More

Research Paper
Epistemological Implications of Rejection of Private Language

mohammad ali abdillahi; fatemeh farahanian

Volume 7, Issue 27 , October 2011, Pages 103-120


  One of the most important and novel philosophical issues proposed by Wittgenstein in his late stage of thought and in his influential book Philosophical Investigations is the issue of private language. This issue is so important that one can say the epistemology of second half of twentieth century is ...  Read More

Research Paper
Epistemology Is in Need of Pragmatics.

mohammad ali abbasian

Volume 7, Issue 27 , October 2011, Pages 121-135


  One of the most important, and at the same time, popular discussions within the realm of epistemology in the last five decades, is about the issue of “the nature of knowledge”. According to the current accepted view among epistemologists, there would be no “propositional knowledge” ...  Read More