Quantum Physics: A Case for Anti-Realism?

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عنوان مقاله [English]

Quantum Physics: A Case for Anti-Realism?

نویسنده [English]

  • ali paya
چکیده [English]

The aim of the present paper is to sbo» that anti-realism in science, 1vhich has a1;guab/y become more fashionable in recentyears, contrary to tuha: its proponents assert, cannot make use of quantum mechanics and its impressiue achievements as a frump card in justifying its claims. I will argue that scientific anti-realism far from providing scientific communiry with a progressive methodologicalframeuorle is a restrictive approach wbicb would hamper scientific progress. Focusing on the historical evidence of the 1vqys in subicb quantum mechanics was deueloped, I 1vill further argue that the orthodox interpretation of quantum mechanics due to Bohr and Heisenberg, among others, iuith its in-built anti-realistic elements provides a damning verdict against the claims of anti-realists. Following a critical assessment of a number of alternative interpretations or the calculus of quantum mechanics, I shall present realistic approaches which provide more effective and frudful conceptualframeu;orks for the advancement of research in the quantum

کلیدواژه‌ها [English]

  • Realism
  • Ant-realism
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Scientific Knowledge
  • Copenhagen interpretation
  • [nstrumenialism