Time and Modality in Avicennan Logic

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Time and Modality in Avicennan Logic

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  • lotfollah nabavi
چکیده [English]

One ef the most important innovations in the history ef traditional logic is the Avicena's Theory ef Temporal Modalities (.ATM). Althottgh) the basic concepts and elements ef this theory are fottnded in Aristotelian and Stoic-lvlegarian !0 gic) but as a independent lo,gical system, are devised on/y fry Avicenna and were later developed and completed fry his followers. The ATM theory contains the h(ghest de._gree of logical complexiry in the allperiods of the traditional lo,gic. In this article) with a historical and comparative approach, we s!ttcfy the theory of temporal modalities(.A TM) based on the logical heritage o] Avicenna and later logicians in such a ivqy that 1ve can sbou! their relation 1vith modern logical concepts

کلیدواژه‌ها [English]

  • Avicennan logic
  • temporal modalities
  • time and modality