Plato and Innatism

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Plato and Innatism

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  • mehdi ghavam
چکیده [English]

Plato 1s doctrine of recollection is often identified witb innatism, and he is said to be an innatist. The present pape0 alongside J,vifh e:x:plaining this doctrine and other related doctrines in Plato's epistemology, argues that the doctrine of recollection is not necessarily the same as innatism. It is a matter of fact that, in Plato's epistemology1 perception and intellectual epistemic activi01 plqy a crucial role in the acquisition of kn01vledge.

کلیدواژه‌ها [English]

  • Anamnesis
  • Doctrine of Recollection
  • Innatism
  • Perception
  • Intellectual Activity1 Learning