Kant's Perpetual Peace and World Government

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Kant's Perpetual Peace and World Government

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  • louis pajman
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I can predict from the aspects and signs of our times that the human race 1vill... progressivefy improve without af!)l more total reversals.... The profit which will accrue to the human race as it works its wqy fonvard will not be an ever increasing quantity ofmorality in its attitudes. Instead the legality of its attitudes willproduce an increasing number of actions governed 0 duty, tuha tever the particular motives behind these mqy be.... Violence will gradualfy become less on the part of those in pouer and obedience tou/ards the la1vs 1vill increase... and this 1vi!I ultimatefy extend to the external relations between the various peoples, until a cosmopolitan society is created. Such developments do not mean , however, that the basic moral capacity ofmankind will increase in the slightest, for this would require a kind ofnew creation or supernatural influence. For we must not expect too much of human beings in their progressive improvements. " (Reiss, 19 70, 18 7)

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